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SpED DOCs is a specially designed professional learning “toolkit” developed for educators that serve students that are differently abled to provide a roadmap for special processes at the primary and secondary educational levels.

All educators should have a general understanding of special education laws, the special education process, and of special education disability areas. More importantly, teachers need to know which students in the class have an IEP and what services and accommodations are needed. Folders and notebooks are always a great resource for storing important confidential information for students.

SpED DOCs special education informational modules were created to prepare special educators with information on special education laws, an indebt dissection of the disabilities covered under the Individuals with Disability Education Act (IDEA), and the compliant IEP and its 8 components. 

At the end of each module, participants will complete a brief assessment.


This 25 page toolkit is essential for ALL Educational professional libraries!

             Get it today for ONLY $15 (+6 shipping in the US).

 (Modules and Assessments are currently under construction) 

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SpED Docs cover.png
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